two miles down

I am not a fast runner. That’s what I was telling myself as I was taking what felt like baby steps this morning. I am getting faster, though. What used to be 15 minute miles are now 11 minute miles. Granted, I’m only running two miles here, and three miles there – with the occasional 5 miles thrown in (I may die doing that this Sunday….). It seemed a little easier today. A little. My legs didn’t hurt as much, and when they did I think it’s just the shoe correcting my stride. The hardest part for me always seems to be that last half mile, and it doesn’t help that it’s usually uphill.

During the last part this morning I thought about the cancer patients getting pumped with drugs that are literally sucking every ounce of energy out of their life. That pushed me a little bit – knowing that I have the energy to finish. Hopefully I can keep that motivation up for the next several months!

I remember watching a Sex and the City episode when Samantha was going through chemo. It really made me mad because she would ‘go get chemo’ and then go out that night to some promotional thing. It drove me crazy and really made me lose respect (I realize it’s just a TV show) for the creators. You don’t have the energy to do anything!! Sorry, I was just thinking about that….

Today I think I’ll pick up the iPod runny thingy for sure – I don’t want to just listen to the constant rhythm of my breathing, or the pitter-patter of my shoes on the road.

Shout outs: A HUGE thank you to my parents, for putting out the first donation, and to Brandon for the second donation and encouragement. Matt Akers, thank you for the e-mail you sent me…it’s a huge motivator!

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