Why isn’t 7-6-7 just as popular or “lucky” as 7-7-7?? Hmm..

Anyway, I stopped by to get my daily fix and there was a semi-truck with four (or five) little Smart Cars just chilling inside. If you test drive one of these little guys today through Sunday, you can get a free Satellite $10 gift card. I suggest you do the test drive and give me the gift card. Think about it!

I think it’s funny that these are coming over here to the U.S. I thought they were even funnier when I saw them in Europe. Seeing these teeny-tiny little cars with huge guys driving them is hilarious! I can only imagine seeing one zipping around ‘Burque in the next couple months. Silly Smart Cars!!!

Bring me a Mini Cooper anyday!

In running news… I did another three miles today. My body felt stronger running it today. Almost gone is the heavy breathing, and once I hit the three mile mark, I feel as though I could go on. What’s still lingering around is the pain in my lower legs. Ice and Ibruprofen are helping… I’m super sleepy now. The ‘energy’ I get from running is only lasting about a half hour after the run. I guess I need to take everything in stride. First comes being able to breathe while doing a long run, then comes the energy.

I’m seriously considering starting Yoga. I’ve been talking about it for awhile, so now I just need to actually do it.

More later….


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