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Yesterday I got up with the pain still taking over my lower inner left leg. I went to meet the TNT group with the intention of running only a little bit of the 6 mile half marathon run. My plans changed when me and my new running buddy, Terri, started on our way.

I’m happy to say that we did the run/walk just as the rest of the group did. After about 2 miles, my legs both completely stopped hurting. She is amazing to run with, we sometimes would run over our 4 minute mark and end up running for about 5 minutes. Not only was she motivating, but she is fantastic about diverting attention from the run, and pain, and the heat to other things such as: What are you thankful for? What makes you smile? What do you see? It was great.

Not only did it feel fantastic to run again, but the view from where we ran was gorgeous. I almost wish I could have done the full marathon run just so I could see more of the city. I could see the all the way from the Rio Grande to the Sandias. On Sunday mornings it almost looks like the city is holding its breath is it waits for the sun to peak over the mountains and come through the clouds. Everything seems fresh and alive. I love it.

Speaking of fresh, if you like blueberries make your way to CostCo. They have some of the sweetest, plumpest and best tasting blueberries I’ve ever had. MMmmm I put them in my cereal today. Delicious!

During the run we started talking about the problem with celebrities these days (among other topics). This one got to me because these young adults (Lindsay and Paris) are role models for girls whether they like it or not. If they don’t have any consequences for the stupid things they’re doing, how will teenagers know that drunk driving and using drugs is NOT ok??? They won’t. They’ll see that they can get away with it at least one time with nothing happening to them. I feel very passionate about this and I kinda wish there was a way I could do something about it. There has to be something done about the fact that there are people driving around right now who’ve been convicted of DUI’s at least 20 times (or read it here from the ABQ Journal). Come on!!! That’s just ridiculous.

….I think that’s the most I can do for that rant for now.

**Keep August 15, between 6-9pm open…there is a tentative fundraiser at Coaches Sports Grill!!!

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