The best stuff on earth

I’ve decided the only way to decide if a Mexican restaurant is good is whether or not you can order “Christmas,” finish the entire meal and still crave more chile even though your nose is running and your lips and tongue feel as though they need a dose of SPF to cool them off.

*A word to anyone reading this who is NOT familiar with spicy food: Do not, I reapeat, DO NOT gulp down a glass of water and think that the fiery sensation will go away. Find some milk, sour cream, or any other dairy product to wash it down.*

I had lunch today at La Esquina here in the Galleria where I work…it was ridiculously tasty. The enchiladas (because that’s what I get anytime I eat Mexican food) came out flat instead of rolled, but they were delicious. They weren’t greasy, as a lot of enchiladas are, and came out perfect.

Which brings me to my next topic: Perfect sopaipillas. With a sopaipilla you should be able to tear off the top with dough left on both sides, making it convenient to pour honey in, or stuff it with leftover fixings from your meal. I like stuffing it and then putting honey on the little top that I tore off. MMMMmmmmm….sopaipilla.

Of course, this all hast to be washed down with a margarita. *Tip: get it ‘on the rocks’ for more alcohol consumption.*

…..I don’t know why I went on this crazy food kick. I think it’s because I really want it to be green chile roasting season. We’re out of green chile at our house and it makes me sad.

Tonight: Strengthen my sore, poor calf and get my butt to Yoga.

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