Mmm Mmmm Puddin'

Kudos to my mom for buying some very tasty Chocolate/Vanilla swirl pudding packs by JELLO. I’m not one to be a fan of sweets, but that little pack hit the spot just now.

Thought I should mention the 1/2 mile I ran today. Woohoo! I walked about 1 3/4 miles this morning and threw in the little jog. It felt weird. It felt like I was trying to hard to not let it hurt when I ran, so instead it was throwing off my stride. I need to work on making it feel natural again. I suppose a half mile is better than nothing. Maybe I’ll get up to a mile by the end of this week.

….and sometime this week maybe I’ll actually get my butt to a yoga class like I’ve been talking about. I need, desperately, to stretch more. I also want to start cross training. Lots of things I want to do. I just need to do them!!!!

It’s raining outside. I wish I could open a window so I could hear and smell it.

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