Six on Sunday

Team in Training is raffling off two (2) round-trip airline tickets from Southwest Airlines on July 15, 2007.

Tickets are $5 each, or 5 for $20 – and ALL the money goes straight towards my fundraising goal/Leukemia Lymphoma Society.

I’ll have them with me till July 12, so let me know if you want one/some and I can meet you, or run it over to you!

I ran six miles on Sunday. Well. I can’t lie. I ran 5.5 miles – my legs started acting up again. I’m now getting help from my trainer, new shoes (again – that I actually think are already making a difference), and some stretches and exercises to work on. I didn’t run this morning, a wise move I think. There’s absolutely no point in injuring this thing any further than it is.

Tonight I’m going to an Honored Heroes party that TNT is throwing. It’s going to be at JC’s NYPD (look for an Eats Etc. on it in the August issue of ABQ the Mag!! My mom and dad are both going to – I’m excited for it. I think we’re going to meet more people that we’re running for aka survivors and those still going through treatments. I’ll fill those of you still reading in on what happens tomorrow.

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