Strong six miles!!!!!

Yesterday I woke up early and drove out to Santa Ana Casino for our 7 am run. I got there feeling a little ‘ify’ about running, since i haven’t ran for two weeks and every time before that my lower legs have felt awful. I wanna show you the route:
*Just for the record, it took me a half hour to figure out how to take this picture from a word document and turn it into a JPG. The geek in me is starting to shine through! Sorry it’s still so small though – that’s the biggest I could get it!!!*

Ok, so what you’re looking at is the route we had for Sunday. I wasn’t feeling confident enough to actually run, so I decided to walk. Luckily I found someone to walk with; her name is Terri and for six miles we got to know each other. We pushed each other to go further. Since we are both doing the half marathon we could turn around at the first water stop (the first green star – four miles out) which would make it a a round trip of 8 miles. Since I haven’t done anything for the past couple weeks I wasn’t sure how my legs would feel doing 8 miles, so we decided to walk an extra two miles (completely up hill – the second star on the map) and catch a ride back with the water stop people.

So, we did it. We walked the six miles, we didn’t die and my legs didn’t fall off. AND, the most exciting part (well there were four exciting parts) were:
1) We weren’t actually THAT far behind everyone. I’d say that just by walking we were only a minute or two behind the runners. Not too shabby.
2)I met an awesome new friend, and I hope we can motivate each other.
3) We got our own form of a Tiffany’s necklace when we got to the top of the hill – a delicious brownie!!!
4)I felt better yesterday than I have since before I switched my shoes for the first time!!!

After yesterday I’m feeing confident in continuing with my training. I’m still going to take it easy – no need to jump back into running, I think I’ll walk a mile and try running a mile tomorrow, maybe. We’ll see.

In other news, my fundraising has kind of hit a wall. Next month I’m having a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream fundraiser, so I hope that’ll get me a little more towards my goal. I’m also going to have a Lemonade stand at a garage sale in about two weeks. Who doesn’t love lemonade on a hot Saturday afternoon?! I’d like to have a bake sale, but I think the fact that I can’t actually “bake” may be a problem.

Well…this has been a pretty lengthy blog, so I’ll write more tomorrow after I see how my run goes.

Thanks for reading!!!!

Time till the run: 2 months and 28 days…I can make it!!!

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