yoga 101

Things to know about yoga:
1. Bring your own mat
2. It’s going to hurt
3. It’s going to hurt a lot
4. There will be muscles used and stretched that you didn’t know about
5. You will sweat without moving a single foot
6. Your legs will shake
7. Old women (they could be your grandma) will also take the class, which will shut your inner whining up for a whole 30 seconds.
8. It’s still hurting.
9. It will feel good
10. You will be relaxed
11. The best part of the entire class is the very, very, very end.

I like blueberries.

One Comment

  1. I had no idea Yoga was so intence.

    Ha ha, the verification word is “shmekk”, use that in a sentance.

    Lets go smekking everyone.
    Shmekking of the Red Socks…
    Came home from the bar smekking of gin.

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