zero miles this week.

Due to my lower legs still hurting, I’ve calmed down on the running this week. In fact, I cut it out all together. If it hurts just to walk around, then I’m not going to chance it and make it worse by running on them till I get the OK from my trainer and/or a PT. In the mean time I really should’ve been doing something else physical like swimming, yoga, biking, or something. Shame on me for not doing that this week. I suppose I could start up something today – I really should be cross training anyway.

In other news. I wanted to talk about blinkers. Yup. Blinkers.

I think people in Albuquerque don’t really understand what blinkers, or turn signals (indicators in the UK) are meant for. This article knows what I’m talking about. I get so frustrated driving every day and having cars get annoyed with me and throwing one of their fingers out the window because I went over to the next lane without them “knowing.” OR, it’s also frustrating when someone has their blinker on and you’re giving them ample room to come into your lane, but they don’t budge.

People can be so hostile when they drive…it’s a little ridiculous. I’m speaking about myself here too. There are just certain unspoken laws that people should follow. For example, if you’re in the right hand lane and it looks like you may be the first or second car stopped at a light and you’re NOT planning on turning right – get into the middle or left lane! It’s not fair to those who actually have to turn right, but can’t because they’re stuck behind a car going straight.

OOOoo! Speaking of the UK (I mentioned it earlier!), my grandma comes home today from her two week stint in Great Britain! I’ve been ridiculously jealous of her the entire time, of course! BUT, I do believe she’s bringing me back a Galaxy chocolate bar!!!! MMmmmm I’m not a huge fan of chocolate – but I LOVE those!!! I’m also kinda hoping she’ll bring a scone back. That would be FANTASTIC. Boy do I miss England!

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far to Team in Training – I really appreciate it and I know everyone who is benefiting and how has benefited, thanks you. My mom, dad and I went to an Honored Hero party the other night for Team in Training and we heard from survivors and those going through treatments. At the end of the night a man got up and was holding a baby. The baby looked like he was about 3-6 months old and he was as happy as could be. The dad said that the baby’s name was Ryan and that his twin brother couldn’t make it to the dinner. Then he said that Ryan was 15 months old and has had Leukemia since he was 9 months old. This baby was TINY, but so happy. It broke my heart….

Babies shouldn’t have to go through cancer. Nobody should.

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  1. my car(s) have “comfort turn” a feature that gives three perfect blinks if you bump up/down on the turn sigle stock just slightly (with out actually engaging/clicking it up).

    I think if everyone had this feature they would use thier blickers more often. heck i use it sometime even to turn into a parking space just because its so much fun.

    weeeeeee! blink, blink, blink.

    seriously though, i think it’s great what you’re doing. mad props.

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