A little recap

I forgot to blog the last few days so I’ll be brief. On Tuesday I logged in my two miles and felt fantastic afterwards. Better than fantastic even, I was energetic and just generally felt good. The good times lasted until I went to a tequila tasting at the Rancher’s Club in the Hilton for lunch. Then the good feelings were replaced with being stuffed with too much ridiculously good food…and a slight buzz. Free tequila and free delicious food? Yes, please!

So that was my Tuesday.

Wednesday I had “off” and I was going to do yoga, but I forgot to bring my stuff with me, so yoga went on without me. Last night Natalie came over and helped me make baked goodies for my bake sale on Saturday. My house smelled like chocolate chip cookies and funfetti cupcakes. I’ll admit that I ate some of the dough/batter. It was tasty!!!! I even managed to make them taste good despite the fact that I forgot, half way through, that I needed to adjust for the high altitude here. Natalie, Kenny (via the phone) and my Mom talked me through it though.

That was my Wednesday.

This morning I woke up at six, put on my shoes and hit the road. It turns out that it takes a good mile to a mile and a half before my lower legs aren’t tight. After that, it’s all good. The humidity is driving me up a wall though! Silly Albuquerque monsoons.

After work today I’m meeting my mom and my cousin Maria Elena to go a women’s football clinic at UNM. Yes, I’m going to a LOBO function. Don’t worry Aggies, I plan on using the free shirt they give me to clean my very dirty car…I”ll take pictures. At this little function there will be free beer, wine and food. As an Aggie, I know that we don’t ever, EVER, turn down free alcohol. Therefor, I will “drink it to the Aggies till I wobble in my shoes…

….sorry about all the running talk, I’m sure it gets boring for my two loyal readers. I’ll try to be more clever in the future!

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