Long time no talk. sorry

I decided to take this past weekend off because I had friends in town from college, and my boyfriend came in for several days. I figured one weekend off wouldn’t completely kill my training. I did three miles last Thursday and two yesterday, for those of you keeping count.

Tonight is my fundraiser at Coaches, I really hope it goes well. A pretty fair amount of people have said they’re going to come by, so I hope they do! I had a few rants I wanted to talk about, but I’m kinda sleepy and just don’t have the energy (three enchiladas, beans, papitas, green chile and sopaipillas will make you a little groggy). I actually just made the statement that I wish I could marry green chile. That’s how much I love it. Mmmmm.

Anyway. I’ll go off on my rant about garage sales some other time. Yes, I said garage sales.

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