on the run

Ten miles. TEN miles. I ran 10 miles yesterday. Sure, I can feel muscles in my thighs, my arms and my back today, but it’s a good feeling. Sure, I wanted to turn on Paseo and skip out on three miles, but I didn’t. It feels good to accomplish something. I really wish I was faster, but the fact that I’m getting out there and doing this overcomes my longing to not be at the end of the pack. I’m going to have no problem running this in San Francisco. It kinda makes me want to try for the full marathon…kinda…

Yesterday was interesting though. Not only did we start running with 85% humidity – attractive, let me tell you – but around mile 6 or 7 I started getting chills while I was running and I stopped sweating. I looked it up (and from what people told me yesterday) is that I was probably dehydrated. From all the sweat I sweated out the first few miles, i probably should have had more to drink throughout the run. Not only that, but apparently there are sweaters, and then ‘salty’ sweaters. I may be on the verge of a salty sweater which means I should drink more sports drink type drinks while I run. …..SSOOoooo much to think about while running!

Two months and 15 days till race day. Heh. Race day. That’s a funny concept because I’m not racing I’m just running.

OOOooooo!!!! EXCITING news regarding fundraising: Wine Tasting on Sunday, August 19, from 2pm-6pm at Anasazi Fields Winery. We’re asking for a donation of $10 (more is ALWAYS accepted!) and that includes a wine tasting and appetizers. AND there will also be a raffle for several gift certificates to places around the city: $75 to Scalo’s, $50 to La Provence, $30 to Il Vicino, $25 to Bumble Bee’s Baja Grill, a free yoga class, a four pack of sundaes at I Scream Ice Cream, just to name a few. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me. Send me your e-mail if you want me to send you an invitation (you don’t need an invitation to go, but it’s fun to get in your e-mail!

So, I’ve got two fundraisers coming up. Wine Tasting (August 19, from 2pm-6pm) and Coaches Sports Grill (August 15, from 6pm-9pm). Both are a fantastic way to fundraise because not only are you helping me reach my goal, but you’re getting food, wine, goodies and hanging out with people!

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