Running 8 miles makes you stink. I wonder why God made sweat smell the way it does. Couldn’t he have made it smell like flowers, or rain? That way people would actually want to work out all the time? I’m telling you right now – I don’t even want to be near me. I’m too lazy to actually get up and go take a shower (once I sit down after a run, i’m here for awhile).

Oh! It turns out I’m a “salty” sweater. Interesting. That means I actually have to eat more salt and drink A LOT more water throughout the week. It’s good that I’m finding this all out now. What else? I can now say that I’ve ran from Tramway and Central to Tramway and Paseo del Norte. yikes.

I am so ready for a nap right now. I’m actually typing this with my head on the floor…mmmm sleep. I can’t thought because I have to go shower. Like now. I’m doing the wine tasting fundraiser this afternoon…I really hope people show up. I know it’s a little out of the way, but it’s WINE!!! I made out really well with my Coaches fundraiser on Wednesday. On Friday I picked up a $250 check from them…SWEET!!!! I’m just barely at $1000 left to go. I hope I can do it.

Ok…it’s seriously time for a shower.

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