Ten miles. No sweat (figuratively speaking of course…there was mucho perspiration going on this morning). Seriously though, this is the best I’ve felt running, especially for a long run. No pain, no huffing and puffing, didn’t stop sweating and didn’t get the chills, this was running! I saw three rabbits, two lizzards, a man running with only one arm, two hot air balloons, the smell of cereal being made at the Kellog factory (mmm…I really wanted come cereal!!)…I think I’m finally figuring this thing out!! I know it sounds silly, but it really didn’t seem that far. I even came in a little under my 15 minute mile pace – woo hoo!!!

I think drinking more water throughout last week really helped, so I need to keep it up. I am pooped right now though. I could stay on this couch and sleep the day away, but I think I’m going to get up and go get some grub…I’m hungry.

🙂 I’m almost there…only 1 month and 25 days. I can so do this!!

….If you haven’t yet (whoever’s reading this), tell your friends and family about my blog and TNT website. I only need a little under $1,000!!!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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