Went running again this morning. Logged 4 miles this time. It felt good, real good. The best part about today’s run (well there were two good things) was that it was foggy the entire time. Not just a little fog-around-the-corner type of fog, but the I-can-barely-see-in-front-of-me kind. It was awesome. Not to mention, the fog was spraying me with mist every once in awhile, which was more than pleasant. It gave me flashbacks to when I lived in England. That was one of the most enjoyable things about living out there. I LOVE the thick fog that was out every morning and night; everything seemed so serene and perfect – ahhhh!

The second fantastic thing about my run was that I changed my route a little bit (see below):

Since I had a long run yesterday along the same route I’ve been going on I decided to change things up a bit. Instead of going north, I ran west – downhill!!!! It was easier on my psyche, but just as hard on my body because I had to control myself from the gravity. Still had the runner’s high afterwards-woohoo!!

This weekend I’m going up to Red River (talk about more serenity!) for our little family tradition. That’s funny, I sad “little” and “family” in the same sentence. My family is nothing but little. We rented only two rooms this year though because not everyone can make it. Last time I went up there it was with almost all my cousins and it was the day after Thanksgiving. It snowed while we were there ☺ I’m just expecting it to be cold this weekend.

I’m planning on running eight miles this Sunday up in the mountains. I’m also planning on huffing and puffing my way through it. Ha. I hope I’m just kidding about the huffing and puffing despite the increase in altitude – CAN’T WAIT TO RUN AT SEA LEVEL!!!!

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