Whirlwind Week

The reason for my absence in blogging can be described as a “long story short” tale.

My friend Kat flew in a week and a half ago from London. We basically played tourist around the Southwest for a week. It was a ton of fun. We spent a couple long, hot days in Las Vegas (didn’t win any money, didn’t see any movies stars, did drink a little and did have a lot of fun), traveled to see the Grand Canyon, followed by Petrified Forrest and the Painted Dessert in Arizona and then went to Northern New Mexico to check out everything in the Taos/Santa Fe area.

She also got to witness her first American Football game (complete with cheerleaders) and her first cockroach. We went up the tram and even made it to the NM State Fair. All in all it was a long, fun and somewhat educational 10 days!

I even managed to get my long runs in. What I didn’t do was run during the week, and I definitely felt that during my 10-mile run on Sunday. It was hard. REALLY hard. My legs felt like lead and I felt like I weighed 1,000 pounds. I finished it and vowed to get all of my weekday runs in until the race and to keep up with drinking lots of water.

If anyone has any fundraising ideas, I’m all ears. I still need more. My deadline is October 1st.

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