da Balloons

Have I mentioned my love for the Balloon Fiesta? I think I have, but let me just say it again: I love the balloon fiesta! Where else in the world can you be driving to work and see Puff the Magic Dragon hovering above you? Ok, maybe if you live in Amsterdam and had a little too much fun the night before. Seriously though. It’s awesome. I actually took some pictures of Puff while I was driving (it’s amazing more people don’t get in accidents during the Fiesta), but I don’t have the little upload-adapter thing with me. I’ll put them up when I get home.

I also love running in the mornings during the fiesta. Today I went four miles and it was pitch black outside except for five balloons illuminated from their burners far away in the distance. I was said they were just the dawn patrol balloons because today is the first day of the Special Shapes Rodeo (hence Puff sailing over the Big-I).

Running this morning was really good for me. It felt great. Well, the first mile or so SUCKED because there’s some muscle around my Achilles tendon that’s really painful, but after I got past that I felt fantastic. I actually felt strong and somewhat speedy. Despite walking and stopping more at the beginning to stretch I finished earlier than I intended. YEA!!!!

I’m kinda sad this training is almost over. I know me and I know that it’ll be nearly impossible to continue running in the mornings once it starts getting colder and darker. I also know it’s hard for me to go work out after work. Boo. I’ll figure something out.

T-minus 9 days and 22 hours 🙂

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