It's that time again!

It’s Balloon Fiesta time!!!! Yesterday I got to see the balloons without waiting in a car line for an hour, and without paying an entrance fee AND without freezing. Well, there was some freezing.

Our long run yesterday started at Paseo and Coors. We ran towards the mountains, a run that gave us a perfect view of the balloons. Besides the fact that it was ridiculously cold that early in the morning, it was a good run. My running partner and I were able to hold a conversation the entire time (something we couldn’t even fathom at the beginning of the season).

I know I’ve said this before, but I am so excited for San Fran! It’s now less than two weeks till I run and I can’t wait. YEA!!!!

We start tapering this week, so that means the mileage I run goes way down! It’ll be nice to sleep in an extra half hour the next two weeks.

In sad news, a woman died today from a balloon-related cause. So sad. I’m going up in a balloon this Saturday, so hopefully there won’t be any wind and it’ll be perfect ballooning weather.

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