On the road again…

I got back into my daily routine this morning – sorry for not writing at all last week, I caught a cold and slept in – and running felt good. I think I caught my cold from the last run I did (which I also didn’t talk about – sorry!) up in Red River. It was a hellova run to say the least. Not only was it raining the whole time (beautiful), but I was also running up in the mountains. Uphill both ways. In the rain. With NO shoes on. Kidding about the no shoes, but it was raining and it was ridiculously hilly. My calves and bum felt the burn of the hills the next two days.

After I ran Red River I knew I would be absolutely fine for San Francisco a month later. Not only did I run at a higher altitude than I’ve been training here in town, but I won’t have any of the hills like I did in the mountains. Piece. Of. Cake. (Cupcake preferably!)

I was mad that I missed my long run on Sunday, but I still wasn’t feeling up to the *challenge. Coughing up both of my lungs would have looked really bad while running 12 miles. I still kinda feel guilty about missing it though.

So…my race/run is in 19 days. That means I leave in 17 days and I’m SO excited!!! I’m looking into getting a camera phone so I can take pictures of different parts of my race. My goal is to run my half marathon in 3 hours. Yes, I know that’s still a seriously slow pace, but whatever. I’m doing it. Heh. Actually, if I run the pace I’ve been running I’d come in at 3:25. Now I’m anxious to see how I’ll do. I’m still not doing this for a time though. I’m doing it for the cause.

…One of my dad’s cousins just got diagnosed with Non-hodgkins lymphoma. She starts chemo this week I believe. My dad is actually going in to meet with his oncologist today for his 2 ½ year check up. In an hour and a half (more like 2 or 2 ½ hours because of how late doctors usually are) we’ll find out if his cancer is back. * JUST BREATHE* – note for me.

So. That’s what’s been going on over here. Enough from me for today!

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