The Day After Halloween

These are my thoughts from the day after Halloween:

1. Fall has finally arrived in the form of wind and very cold conditions.
2. Walking around outside for candy in conditions mentioned above is silly.
3. Waling around door-to-door for candy anyway is a silly idea.
4. I don’t really like candy, so this holiday has always been silly to me.
5. Halloween is silly. And scary. Scilly.
6. Carving pumpkins and getting all the guts, goo and seeds out from inside is fun.
7. Pumpkin seeds are delicious. When cooked right. (I forgive you, mom, for the first batch.)
8. I made a fun pumpkin and will put pictures up sometime before next year.
9. My Nanny (great-grandma on my mom’s side) died a year ago yesterday.
10. Last night was actually a little bit spooky with how windy it was and with all the leaves blowing around.
11. I don’t like spooky.
12. Halloween means it’s time for Carmel Apple Ciders from Starbuck.
13. MMMmmmm….

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