Gmail, oh Gmail…

Dear Gmail,

Gmail, I love you. I really truly do. You don’t let me down by saying I’ve gone over my file size limit (hotmail), or sign me out every time I leave the site (yahoo). I’m not bombarded by junk emails or ads and your Google Notifier keeps me alerted when I have a new message. You let me ‘chat’ with other emailers and let me search using even the silliest key word I can remember from an email. Your calendar function keeps my life in line and your threads let me keep track of who’s emailed what.

But Gmail, there’s one little aspect where you keep letting me down day after day. You see, you’re in desperate need of folders. Folders for me to label and put those particular emails tucked away. Folders that I can open and see messages pertaining to that specific subject. You have a handy “label” function, but that’s just not good enough for me. You also let me “star” important emails, but again, I need more.

I know this ‘folder’ idea is very 19th century for you, but some of us still appreciate old school organization techniques. All I ask is that you please consider this.

Jess aka Loyal Gmail User

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