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Happy early Thanksgiving!

I’m about to embark on a trip during the busiest travel day of the year. Yup, I’m hopping a flight to Atlanta to see my boyfriend for Thanksgiving. I don’t think I’ve ever actually gone anywhere for a holiday before. Two Thanksgivings ago I spent a miserable night alone in my flat in England. I ate a TV turkey meal while I watched Alias and dreamed of pumpkin torte. That was depressing, to say the least. There’s something about this holiday in America that makes people (or maybe just me) happy. It signifies a time when you can be with your loved ones, not to mention you get to eat delicious food!

Today I have a flight leaving ‘Burque at 7:45pm, so I’m gonna get to the airport around 5:30pm, hopefully that’ll give me enough time. I think I’ve managed to pack everything I’d need as an emergency in my little carry on, just in case my luggage doesn’t make it when I do. I have all my little liquid bottles in a tiny zip-lock bag, and I’m purposefully wearing a new pair of shoes so I can just slip them off during security. Hopefully it’ll be a breeze. The only thing I’m somewhat concerned with is the weather in Denver. I’m flying from here to Denver and then Denver to Atlanta and it’s snowing in the Mile High City right now. Yikes. I do have a three hour layover there though, so hopefully my flight won’t be delayed.


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