not my cup o' tea

I went to Satellite this morning to get my regular London Fog with English Breakfast and Sugar Free Vanilla. I should’ve known from the minute I walked in the door that they’d get it wrong. My usual morning crew wasn’t there. They actually haven’t been there for awhile (sad times) but the people this morning have probably never made a cup of tea in their lives. I said what I wanted and the guy just stared at me. Then he punched it into his computer. I also noticed that he put in SKIM milk. I did not ask for skim milk. I realize that by asking for sugar-free I’m asking to save a few calories, but drink just taste better with whole milk and I’m not willing to skimp on that. I should’ve said something, but I didn’t. Now I regret it. It doesn’t taste right. Something’s just kinda…off. I’m pretty sure it’s vanilla, but I don’t know. 🙁 I get so sad when my tea isn’t my tea. When I buy it – maybe once a week – it’s like a special treat to myself. I’m just sad it’s not how it should be.

Ok. Enough whining. Sorry. Maybe next week my people will be back and will get it right.

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