@ the Sunport

I’m inside the airport on the eve of Thanksgiving and I must say, this is the emptiest I’ve ever seen it. No lie. Not only that, but I think I made it through security faster than I ever have before. Everyone here (workers) have been really…cheerful so far. I’m impressed. Nobody is rushed or hurried, security was even smiling. Maybe more people just need to get to the airport long before their flight takes off.

I did anticipate a chaotic mess so I planned accordingly. I wore slip on shoes and removed my belt and jacket BEFORE I went through security. I also made sure I had my laptop out of its case and had my little quart size plastic bag out as well.

So what type of people are flying this evening? We’ve got an emo-looking 13 year old who’s walking a tiny ‘purse’ dog (weird). A college girl in front of me who’s definitely been backpacking in Europe before (so says the fabric flags flown onto her bag), a college kid who may be flying for the first time on his own because he keeps checking out his boarding pass, a couple in their mid-50s, another college girl who looks a little pissed off because she’s here too early and several businessmen (although I don’t know who’d be doing ‘business’ now). There are about 20 others I didn’t mention, but they don’t really stand out.

The downside to traveling alone, I’ve decided, is that there’s nobody to watch your bags if you need a potty break or need to buy a bottle of water. With that said, I have to give up my perfect seat and hope nobody steals it while I’m standing in line to buy a $5 bottle of water.

…off I go… (T-minus 1 hour 15 minutes till my plane leaves)

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