Why anorexia isn't for me

I’ve been taking laxatives for the past couple days. Not because I’m trying to fit into a prom dress, but because in about two hours I’m having a colonoscopy. Yup. 23 years old and I’m having a colonoscopy. I’ve been having tummy problems (and by ‘tummy problems’ I mean it’s a little lower than there and the doctor kinda ruled out IBS) and maybe this’ll shine some light onto the problem. I’ve already had a lactose test awhile ago that came out negative. I think the step after this colonoscopy would be a food allergy test, which is supposed to be expensive and the results would mean i’d have to eliminate certain foods. I’ll go there if I have to.

The process of leading up to this has been a pain in the butt (pun intended). Starting on Sunday I had to cut out ALL fruits, vegetables and anything with seeds in it. Do you know what that means? That basically means, egg, meat, fish, cheese and bread. Granted that’s not THAT bad, but you can’t dress it up any. Anyway, it’s just sucked. All i want is a salad. Mmmm. Ok, so then yesterday I had to only drink liquids. I’m hungry. I would have gone for a piece of crust last night, or piece of popcorn or goldfish, or lettuce. Anything basically.

Eh. Anyway. In just a little bit I’ll go to the hospital and they’ll do their thing and then I’ll get to have food again and go my merry way. In a way I kinda hope they find something just so that I can know what’s been bothering me the last couple years.

Well…time for me to go do my thing! Wish me luck 🙂

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