I’d like to vent about traffic etiquette. If you are driving on the highway and notice a car is getting on from the on ramp, move to the next lane. It’s just nice. Nobody wants to ride in the far right lane; the purpose of an ‘on ramp’ is to get ON the freeway.

Next. If you see someone with a blinker trying to get in your lane, SLOW DOWN AND LET THEM IN. Yes, I’m yelling. It seems that yelling may be the only way to make sure people understand this one. Ok, so I can hear what you’re going to say next. “But, I didn’t see their blinker on.” Fine. Perhaps you were driving so fast and being such a bad driver that you’re not noticing other cars around you. Did you happen to notice them when they were literally coming into your lane? No? Oh, I see. You’re going to be THAT jerk that doesn’t let somebody in. Well, guess what, I’m going into your lane whether you like it or not. HA. I appreciate the way you sped up right as I was going over too, that was really kind of you.

People need to know that during rush hour you’re not the only person on the road, and contrary to what you may think, the road does not belong to you.

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