Goodbye '07, Hell-'08

Ah, another year. I was trying to remember what my resolutions were for 2007 and the only one I can really remember was “Learn to knit.” Well, I kind of accomplished that, but never kept it up. I made a little piece of knitted yarn and that was it.

I ended up doing more in 2007 than I could have imagined:
I fell in love.
I ran a half marathon.
I contributed to a cause very close to my heart.
I learned to knit.
I landed a dream job after only 6 months out of college.

Here are my 2008 New Year resolutions off the top of my head:
MAKE a scarf.
TRAVEL to England.
MOVE out of my parents house (maybe – I actually enjoy living there)
GET a pet hamster
GET published in another magazine
EAT healthier
DO more spontaneous random acts of kindness
VOLUNTEER for an organization I’m interested in.
CREATE a book from my European pictures
READ at least one book a month.

Those are all I can think of for the moment. Not a bad list if you ask me, and they all seem like they are attainable. Nice.

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