Happy Birthday to me!

Yup. Today is my birthday. Apparently it’s my “Golden Birthday,” so woohoo for me! So far, things have been good. I’m feeling better – not good or great, just better. I still get winded walking across the street though, that’s not fun. I went in to work today for half a day and I actually got a lot done, then I came home and slept for a couple hours. I’ll probably do the same tomorrow. Then tomorrow night my mom and I are heading out to VEGAS. 🙂 Despite still feeling ill I think we’ll have fun.

Overall, this has been a really good day…so thank you all who read this who made it a good day 🙂

On a sad note, I wanna talk about Heath Ledger. I still can’t really wrap my head around the fact that he’s dead. I’m not going to go all “teenager” on you and say how he was my favorite actor and I was his biggest fan, but seriously, he was amazing. I was sad to hear the media assuming it was a drug overdose, suicide or even that he was high on coke. I understand it’s easier to assume the worst in situations, especially situations regarding celebrities, but I’m glad all the assumptions are just that so far.

The name Heath Ledger and dead just don’t seem to fit in the same sentence. In my generation, his name is up there with Leonardo Di Caprio and…and…I don’t know, people like Matthew McCanaughey and Owen Wilson. They’re just rising stars! It’s just very sad. Very, very sad.

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