schmum.fy (ssshhh-mum-fee)
-adjective, noun
Providing or experiencing extreme physical well-being or relief (‘schmumfy’ is informal); “schmumfy” clothes”; “schmumfy chair”; “made himself schmumfy off of Southern Comfort”; “the antihistamine made her feel very schmumfy”; “are you schmumfy?”; “feeling schmumfy now?” Also, the name of Jessica’s new hamster.

Schmumfy is, indeed, the name of the newest part of my family. She’s a little two-month-old teddy bear hamster and I love her!! She fits in the palm of my hand and is sort of black/greyish and white. My mom and I spent the good part of Saturday driving from pet store to pet store trying to find the perfect hamster. We finally found her at Clark’s, the same place I got my first hamster.

She’s now living in a very tiny house and seems to take after me. This little girl likes to nap – a lot. We were actually afraid she was dying Saturday night because she was sleeping so much (yes, I know they sleep during the day). She’s crazy, she’ll literally just fall asleep, like she’s a little narcoleptic! I, personally, love it! We bought her a little ball to run around the house in (a way for her to get some exercise without us stepping on her), but she hasn’t quite figured out the wheel in her cage.

I’m secretly crossing my fingers that my brother will buy one for himself so we can put the two of them together and get adorable little hamster babies. I wonder if you could call hamster babies “hamps” or “hampies.”

…I’ll get some pictures of Schmumfy up as soon as I take some.

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