American Idol

Oh man. I’m addicted.

I could leave this blog just at those two statements and be completely content. I’ve never actually followed a season of American Idol. I thought it was a silly show. To be completely honest, I saw the very first show – first as in, one of Kelly Clarkson’s first auditions, and I said outloud, “Wow. She’s gonna win this thing.” Low and behold, the only other show I saw that season was the finale…when she won. Fast forward a few years to when I lived in the house with Natalie, Em and Laura. They all watched it, so I’d catch a few episodes here and there, but it was nothing special.

For some reason, my mom and I caught the very beginning of this season and got hooked right away. How can you not love a show where people who are tone deaf honestly think they sound like Frank Sinatra or Whitney Houston. It was hilarious. I laughed, I cried (seriously…there were tears for more than a couple of the auditions) and I already fell in love with several and picked my favorites.

Right now I’m watching the Top 12 boys and I’m blown away. I missed the first several, but my mom said that David Archuleta was awesome; I was floored by Jason (the one with dreadlocks) and I could barely control myself with the last guy, Michael. Damn. These guys are good! They’ve got the charisma, they’ve got the look and boy, oh boy, do they have the voice.

Tomorrow the girls go on, and I can’t wait to see them.

You better believe I’m going to follow this to the end, and most likely pick up some new songs on iTunes along the way.


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  1. OMG….I LOVE Jason and Michael, too!!!! Seriously….they are my favs….and hot to boot! Too bad I can’t watch much of the season. :o(

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