Up Up and No Way

I need to gripe real quick about airlines. Kenny lives in Georgia, so the only way we get to see each other is to commute…by air. I love flying, and since he’s in the AIR Force, he doesn’t have a huge problem with it either. The difficulty we have is finding decent fares. This is where my rant comes in.

I’m a Southwest girl. It’s pretty much all we ever flew when I was younger, and even today I rack up enough Reward points to get free flights. That’s all dandy, except my loyal airline doesn’t fly into Georgia.

There are a few other airlines I have the same problem with. Take AirTran, JetBlue, and ExpressJet. I would gladly give my money to these three airlines. In fact, they’re all having pretty great sales today, but unfortunately they don’t fly where I need them to go. The first two aren’t in New Mexico yet (maybe they don’t know that we’re in the states and they wouldn’t have to charge an outrageous fee) and the last one doesn’t fly to Atlanta.


In the meantime, before another low-cost airline can get their tale in gear and create a flight from Albuquerque to Atlanta, I get to travel on Frontier. It’s not a bad airline, it’s just that twice now I’ve almost missed my flight, I have to fly into Denver and literally run across the airport to catch my flight (outside for part of it in Denver because the plane’s so tiny it can’t park at a regular gate), no carry-ons are allowed (to Denver) and their prices aren’t all that impressive. But, I am racking in the frequent flier miles and it’s cheaper than Delta.

This rant all came about because I can’t find a flight cheaper than $250 to go to Las Vegas (go figure) in about three weeks on my lovely Southwest…and I’ve been checking prices for over a month now.

I just want to travel, gamble and drink a little and see my boyfriend. Come on airlines, help a girl out!

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