Flip Flops and Vegas

I need flip flops and I’m going to Vegas. Oh, and it’s 6:30 am and I’ve been awake since 5:15 – boo. I’ve had some thoughts as to things I want to blog about, but now my mind is just sleepy, but I can’t sleep. I’m sure I’ll get sleepy this afternoon, so I guess I’ll just worry about that when/if it happens.


I was going to mention my love for Vegas. I think I enjoy going there so much because it’s an absolute vacation for me whenever I go, but yet it’s comfortable and familiar and doesn’t break my bank. More than anything, right now, I’d like to go visit my friends in England and travel around Europe again, but the darn airline prices won’t let me. But, when I go to Vegas I can get a cheap imitation of traveling…enough to calm my travel bug for at least a couple weeks. It helps that my cousin lives there and knows his way around the city, too. I’ve considered living in Vegas, but seriously? It’s just too damn hot there!


So Kenny may, or may not, come home next weekend. I’m starting to not get my hopes up for things like that because I’m beginning to realize how the Air Force works. When it comes to just about any other job you need to give notice if you’re going on vacation. Well, in the military you can give notice that you’d LIKE to take leave, but you don’t find out until the prices on all the airline tickets have been jacked up. No seven-day advance savings for them. Wow. My writing kinda sucks this early in the morning…my thoughts definitely aren’t as coherent as I’d like.

Maybe I’ll write more later. Since I’m awake, I think I’ll give myself a very amateur pedicure for the flip flops I need to buy. Basically I’m gonna try to ‘stay in side the lines’ with my red polish. Yeah. No more rambling for me.

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