As a native New Mexican, I’m pretty protective about my state. Ok, I’m very protective. I don’t like the way things are changing. It’s hard seeing Florida and California license plates on cars. I understand people move and jobs take you to different places, but what’s with people literally migrating to the Land of Enchantment?

Take, for example, my experience last night. My mom and I went out for dinner to Tomato Cafe, and while she was getting her food I noticed a family of four sit down in front of us. There was the tall, blond mom, her husband and their two little blond girls. The family, I’m presuming, was from California. I’m only guessing California because it seems as though everyone’s moving in from California. ANYWAY, that’s not even the exciting thing about this family.

I first noticed the mom (THIS is when owning a camera phone would be handy). She looked like any other normal mom, except for the brand new cowboy hat she was wearing. Oh, and her big belt buckle she had on that was almost covered up by her rose jean jacket. I almost missed this next part though because her blond hair was almost covering it up. She was wearing….ready for this? A blue bandanna around her neck. Seriously.

I pointed this, (along with the cowboy boots she and her two daughters were wearing) out to my mom and she literally laughed out loud. She then pointed out that the dad was wearing a bright silver and turquoise cuff on his left hand – they’ve been to Santa Fe, or possibly Taos. Even by giving them the benefit of the doubt that maybe, MAYBE, they have a ranch/farm/attraction along the Rio Grande and just needed a night out for dinner, they still should have changed. I mean, really? Nobody actually wears that stuff unless they’re doing a photo shoot for the Southwest. Hmmm…maybe they’ve seen one too many pictures.

Shoot. I really need to get a camera phone to take pictures of all the stuff I see around town. Then I can blog like this guy over at Albuquerque Drivers. Goodness. Now there’s something I can rant about. I think at least every other day I’ve have a rant about the drivers in this city.

Well, now that my rant is over I can move on with my day. I’m getting my hair cut today. YEA!!!! This is what I’m going for, but I have to keep in mind that my hair is straight, and she’s definitely had it curled. Anywho, here are some of my potential haircuts:

Yup. So we’ll see how that goes. Now if I could only look like Mandy Moore!

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