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The New York Times is reporting that Airlines are going to charge up to $25 to carry on an additional bag when you fly. As someone who flies somewhat often, and with the prices of airlines already so high, I can’t afford that.

I’ve been looking for a cute bag that I can just sling over my shoulder and carry my purse essentials, as well as my laptop. The problem is that all the bags I’ve found look very business-like and only have the shoulder straps – to carry it like a purse. Well, if you’ve ever raced through an airport (and I mean literally running to catch your plane) you know that you don’t want a big, bulky bag hanging off your shoulder.

Enter: REI. I conveniently work directly above the sporting-goods store, and finally found a bag I really like. This is my new Nikole Day Bag:

My computer fits perfect in it! Not to mention there’s a place for my water bottle (take an empty one through security and fill it up once you get to the gate), padded spot for my iPod, room for a magazine and a book and secret compartments for my plane ticket and other stuff. I love the color (I have it in Dusty Rust – it looks more maroon in real life than in the picture), especially with the girly, but not too girly flowers on it, and I can wear it as a backpack when I’m running around the airport. Woot. Woot.

I’ll test it out tonight when I fly to Oklahoma City and see how it does 🙂

AH!!!! I forgot to mention VITAL information about my new bag. It’s GREEN! It’s part of REI’s Eco-Sensitive Products and the description says the following:

“Sourced from old plastic bottles, post-consumer recycled PET polyester is tough enough to endure the daily grind and is gentle on the environment.” So. There. I’m Green.

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