I’ve been getting back in the grind and hitting the gym every morning. I read somewhere that you need to do something consistently for 30 days to make it a habit, so that’s what I’ve been trying to do at the gym. Today, however, they’re closed for maintenance. Closed. That kind of hinders my “consistently” plan. Sure, I could’ve gone to one of the other five gyms in the same company, but once you start going somewhere it becomes comfortable to you. I know where everything is and what I like to do. I even know the employees and some of the other gym-goers. But if i went to another place I’d have that awkward wondering around aimlessly and ask silly questions that would just dig into my gym-time.

I’m sure this is all mental, but I can already feel a difference from not going; mostly with the fact that I don’t feel like doing anything right now and I feel a headache forming. If I had gone to the gym already I’d be pumped to get my day going. It truly is amazing the amount of energy I’ve had since working out again. Sigh. Now I’m just tired, yawny and lazy, which is not good because I need to get my butt off this couch now and go be very productive today.

Thank goodness my gym is open tomorrow.

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