Green Day…er…Earth Day

“Green, green, green! I’m so sick of ‘going green,'” my mom says as she throws a magazine my direction.

I guess it wouldn’t be wise of me to mention to her that I just finished writing a “green” makeup article for the magazine.

I have to admit, though, that I agree with her. Yes, I may write about it, but that doesn’t mean I follow this green trend going around. There’s just too much out there about it, ya know? I mean, give me a minute to live my non green life without coming up with one more way to “Save The Planet.” I do my part. I turn the water off while brushing my teeth and keep showers down to around five minutes; I turn off the TV and lights when I leave a room (sometimes).

Seriously, though, everywhere you turn there’s green this, and green that. I realize that the makeup I’m using right now is not all natural and organic, but it’s been working for me for the past couple years and it’s cheaper than spending twice as much money on something that will look and feel the same. Actually, my foundation has natural coffee beans in it – or so it says – and that’s natural. So there.

What else? Oh. Food. Natural, organic, blah, blah, blah. My mom and I are doing Weight Watchers, my dad can only have ridiculously low sodium foods, and just with those two alone looking at labels is hard enough; we can’t try to get everything natural as well.

Ah, this green craze is just making me crazy! It is fun to write about it though (for the mag) and see what all sorts of new things are out there. Ya know, if I had an expandable income maybe I would go green, but for us normal folk, I’m fine with the way things are.


  1. I take my own grocery bags to the grocery store…and I never forget them. I fill the same four gallon jugs of water that I have had for about 8 months. I also watch TV in the dark. I am the green queen. So don’t knock it. :o)

  2. Sigh. I don’t even use grocery bags when I go to the store. I carry everything in my arms. Seriously. I reuse the same water bottle much longer than I think is sanitary and I almost watch TV all in the dark (except for the one light that’s always on). Whatev. I can be limey. Get it? Like the color lime? How it’s in the green family, but not quite green? Heh.

  3. Jessica’s blog makes it sound like I am not green – I am – I use the green grocery bags, reuse my water bottle, turn out lights – all that stuff. I just feel like we are being inundated with green, green, green. I suppose though that for those who are not already green, it may give them ideas on how to go green.
    Ok, said my piece.
    Jessica’s mom

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