Sometimes I get bitter and jealous with normal relationships. And when I say “normal relationships” I really mean two people who have the ability to see their significant other at least everyday.

Kenny comes home today and I’m ecstatic…and a little bit sad. I know I’m going to see him today, but I’m feeling selfish and would very much not like to share him with other people. His parents, for example. I understand they haven’t seen him in four months. I get that. And if the situation was reversed I know I’d have to hang out and talk to the folks too. But keeping him under lock and key at their house (they’re not doing that – I’m exaggerating my frustrations) doesn’t help me or us. How are we supposed to have a relationship and date in real life (other than talking every day on the phone) if we can’t be together and be ourselves?

I just know it’s going to be hard sitting at home not doing anything and knowing Kenny is 10 miles away sitting at home, doing nothing, and not able to leave. Sigh. I need to stop whining; I get to see him tonight (but only for dinner and a possible stroll through Old Town), Monday night, and Tuesday night. That’s more than I’ve seen him in two months, so I’ll just be happy.

Nobody said a long-distance relationship was easy, right?

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