Quirky Burque

Fact: I have lived in Albuquerque for 24 years, give or take a year and a few months.
Fact: I just saw a part of the city I never knew existed!

I was leaving an interview I had with Mr. Garduno (Yes, THE Mr. Garduno) and was on my way to the Flying Star on Rio Grande to get some work done (which will commence after I write this). I turned on Rio Grande, which was all normal to me because I used to run that road last summer. But then there was construction and it made me turn on some foreign road. I turned on the road and followed the detour signs and landed on 4th Street.

Have I mentioned yet that I’m from the Heights? Anything on the other side of the freeway is fairly unknown to me.

So I’m now driving on 4th street trying to figure out how to get back to Rio Grande, when I decide to turn on Chavez. The only thing I know about Chavez St. is that it’s Osuna east of the freeway. Ok, so I’m on Chavez and I notice a winery. A WINERY! It literally just popped up in out of no where. Crazy.

I keep driving some more (both hands on the wheel because I’m somewhat out of my comfort zone and don’t know where I’m going) and I notice amazing homes; homes that look somewhat out of place in Albuquerque.

By this time I have this weird feeling that I’m not in the city any more. Well, turns out I’m right. I’m in “Village of Los Ranchos” – ah! So that’s where it is! Village of Los Ranchos is awesome and I love it for making me feel like I was on a five minute vacation.

Now I’m at Flying Star and know where I am for the moment.

I heart ‘Burque

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