Thank. God. It’s. ALMOST. Friday. Seriously. All week I’ve thought it was Friday. I don’t know why things have been dragging on this week, maybe it’s because I somehow got my act together and instead of procrastinating things and rushing around at the last minute I actually got my work done. Interesting concept: work ahead of time and there’s no stress later. We’ll see how next month works out.

So, I’ve been hooked on new show. Well, it’s not all that “new,” but it’s new to me. It’s Battlestar Galactica and my geeky boyfriend got me into it—hey, if he’s going to watch Grey’s Anatomy with me then I can try getting into one of his sci-fi shows. I watched the first two seasons with him and then he mailed me the third season, so I could catch up before the final season begins tomorrow. I’ve gotta say, I started watching it because I knew he liked it, and now I’m hooked. The last episode was intense and oh, so exciting. I was literally giggling because of what was going on. Good show, good show. Hey, stop teasing at me…at least it’s not Star Trek :p


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