a waiting game

I actually just texted my boyfriend, “maybe they’ll send you earlier…we can hope.” We are talking about his deployment. Deployment. It’s an evil and sad word. For me the words deployment and cancer can physically make me shiver whenever I hear them. The reason we’re hoping he goes earlier (or even later) is because right now they’re planning on sending him overseas either during October and November or November and December. Those are the three months out of the year nobody wants to be away from home, let alone fighting a war. The good thing is, this isn’t exactly set in stone; when it comes to the military nothing is.

My other news is about my dad and my great aunt, Tia. Both of them are sick, but with practically the exact opposite problem. Tia’s been in and out of the hospital for various things in the past several weeks. The first time was because she was losing too much blood and needed blood transfusions. Then, just about the exact same time, my dad found out his blood is too thick and had to get rid of about four pints. Then,just a few days ago Tia started acting odd; she was very confused, lethargic and dizzy. She went back to the hospital and found out her sodium levels were VERY low, so they started giving her saline. The SAME time my dad was finding out that because of his congestive heart failure he needs to cut out the salt. And I mean cut, it, out. All the way. He can only have 2,000 mg a day, which if you’ve ever read labels, that’s almost impossible to do.

So that’s what’s going over in my neck of the woods.

Also, I like brown rice.

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