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I’ve been slacking on the blogging, so I think I’m just going to make some quick, and very necessary, updates:

1. Lame fish died. The fish was so lame it didn’t even last a week. Lame.

2. On the way to Las Cruces last weekend Emily’s car kicked the bucket in Socorro. We spent four hours sitting at the Sonic in Socorro; we almost saw a drug deal occur, but it didn’t because the guy didn’t have the “paper,” money we’re guessing, so we almost saw a fight; as we were sitting there my cousin, of all people, pulled up in his truck next to us – he was on his way to play a show in Socorro.

3. Sonic Radio kicks some major tush.

4. Tow truck drivers have very interesting stories.

5. The white lines on the road are 15 feet long. Seriously.

6. Natalie graduated with flying colors!

7. My brother cut his hand on a wine glass at work on Sunday.

8. After four hours at the hospital he now has seven stitches in his left, middle finger.

9. I LOVE the rain we’re getting at the moment.

10. Kenny is being deployed in 40 days and that makes me ridiculously sad.

11. I CAN’T STAND either of these songs: “Bleeding Love” by Leona Lewis and “No Air” by Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown. I would seriously rather poke my ears out with a fork.

12. I’ve been addicted to Sour Cream and Onion chips and even though it’s barely 9 am, I really want to chow down on some right now.

13. I’ve been thinking about getting a new car with better gas mileage, but I wouldn’t get anything for the car I have now. Bummer.

Ok. Now I”m just stretching for things to say. Till next time…

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