My first American Idol finale

“They need no introduction,” announces Ryan Seacrest on the season finale of American Idol tonight.

“Oooo! Who’s it going to be,” I anxiously ask myself.

*music starts*

“Who is this?” I say out loud.

“I think it’s the Jonas Brothers,” answers my mom.

“The who?”

She matter-of-factly replies, “The Jonas Brothers.”

Oh. Them. I must be old, because I’ve never heard of the Jonas Brothers. They’re not even good. Lame. I’m now officially old, which is even lamer.

Know what else is lame? Actually, this is more silly than lame. Have you ever paid for something with your credit card, swiped the card and then put it back in your wallet? That’s all pretty normal. The silly part comes next, when the girl (or guy) at the register asks to see your ID. They’re asking to see your ID because they know they need to; to make sure you are who you say you are on your card. But wait! They don’t have a credit card in front of them, so basically they’re just making sure you appear to be the same person on your ID. It happens pretty often and I think I may say something the next time. Something like, “Hey, do you want to double check that the credit card I just paid for my stuff with also says, ‘Jessica Torres’ on it?” Silly people.

Ok, I need to get back to American Idol and cross my fingers that David Cook is going to win, even though I know all the little teeny-boppers voted for Archuleta.

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  1. I have to tell you, I am not sure it will be a GOOD thing for Cook’s career to win American Idol. I mean, I would TOTALLY buy one of his albums, but I am afraid people will see the “American Idol” and not the awesome musician. You know?

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