Random Saturday thoughts

I went to New York and Company just now to pay off my credit card bill from them—the only extra credit card I have, I need to add—and when I was there I ended up shopping. I really should have seen it coming. They switch out their inventory too often, making me buy more of their products…very clever NYC, very clever. Luckily I have several coupons from them (I like to think they send them to me because I’m such a loyal customer), so I had them hold the stuff I want and I’ll go pick it up after I see Made of Honor this afternoon.

Yup, my mom and I are gonna go see the rip off of Julia Robert’s My Best Friend’s Wedding. I’m sure it’ll be good because McDreamy is staring in it, but there was something classic about the other movie. I think it’s because I related to it more. Yes. At one point in my life I contemplated stopping a wedding because I was in love with my best friend. KIDDING. Maybe I’ll relate to this one too, who knows. It’d be kinda funny, no, hilarious to see Jeff standing up there some day as my maid of honor. HA.

I’m at Satellite right now, my favorite coffee shop ever. (Actually, I lie. Cafe Nero is hands down, my all-time favorite coffee shop. I miss that place very much.) Anyway. Satellite makes my favorite drink, which I know I’ve talked about before, but whatever. It’s called a London Fog (hmmm…I wonder why I like it so much…) and it’s supposed to come with Earl Gray tea (yuck), but I get it with English Breakfast (yum). It also comes with a shot of vanilla and steamed milk. Can it get any better than this? Nope. It sure can’t. Mmmm. I actually have to pace myself when drinking this.

I realize I haven’t talked about the Michael Buble concert yet. Well, I think I may just need to direct you over to Jenna’s for her recap. One of these days, when I finagle more space on my computer, I’ll upload some pictures so you can see how seriously close we were to him. So close that he touched my hand (swoon!!). Ah, good times.

Sidenote: Satellite has two travel mugs out that I really want. I wish I brought my camera in to take a picture. One says, “Caffeine is my drug of choice” and the other says, “I love coffee.” I think I like the first one the most because I like tea and coffee. I don’t discriminate (well, I do, but only about the type of tea – Earl Gray, bad; English Breakfast, good.).

Shoot. I’m almost done with my London Fog. I need to slow down.

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