Adios three-day weekend

I don’t actually know what I wanna talk about, but I feel the need to type. I waited ALL DAY for an email from Kenny (he promised pictures the last time he wrote), and literally the minute before I said “goodnight” to my laptop I got an email notification. It’s always a huge sigh of relief to hear from him just to know he’s safe. And I honestly think I’d feel the same way if he were just gone for a business trip somewhere.

Anyway, I got some photos from him just now and it made me miss him a whole lot more. I’ve noticed that I’m not keeping my phone near me all that much. I just keep getting my hopes up whenever I get a text message or someone calls – the same holds true for emails; if I see I have a new one it seems like my gmail page can’t load fast enough – it’s completely irrational, but I can’t help it. So, to remedy this, my cell stays in my purse most of the time. I figure if someone needs me they’ll leave a message and I’ll check it later. It’s kinda nice to not have it with me 24/7.

Ugh. On to happy things like going back to work tomorrow. Oh, wait. That’s not happy. The next three-day weekend isn’t until September. Lame. When I lived in England it seemed as though there was a “bank holiday” every other week (ok, once a month)…why can’t we have that? Seriously, I need more national-give-us-the-day-off holidays.

I have a serious itch for change. I don’t know if it means moving or traveling or something else, but some sort of change needs to happen. I’m feeling very antsy, and have been for a few weeks now. In the mean time I think I’ll just sleep on it. Like right now.


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