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I remember watching Dara Torres during the last Olympics in Sydney. I was on Sandia’s swim team and was enthralled by watching the swimming games. It was even more exciting because there was an American Olympian with my last name! So imagine my excitement when I saw this today:


Seriously. Did you watch it?

How AWESOME is she? Forty-one-year-old mom who’s going to the Olympics…again! Not only that but she’s still kicking the butts of swimmers half her age. I just think it’s amazing and I can’t wait to watch her in the Olympics.

In other news, I’m taking up reading as a hobby. Good times for sure. I’ve already read one book; I’m halfway through another and I have several lined up. I’m also going to learn how to cook one new meal every week. Last night my mom and I made pesto with fresh basil from our lovely basil plant. It was y-u-m-m-y. Mmmmm. Next week will be a gazpacho, I think.

Ok, time to go order more books from (oh yes, I just became an Amazon addict…let the fun begin!), write my daily letter to Kenny, and read more of my book.

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