Friday tales.

There’s a chance I may have left my iPod in Denver somewhere. I’ll have to check my room and suitcase again, but if it’s not there then I left it in the rental car or hotel room. So that’s a bummer.

Can you believe that next Friday will be August 1? Geez, time is flying by. That means it’s only a little over a month till my Kenny comes home 🙂 And by home, I of course mean back to America, which is home enough for me.

Tomorrow I’m heading over to La Bella Spa and Salon for a Lavender Bliss Manicure and Spa Pedicure. This is all courtesy of my lovely boyfriend as my birthday gift. Sure I’m indulging almost exactly six months later, but I absolutely can’t wait!

Lavender Bliss Manicure: An enhancement to the classic European Manicure, this treatment tends to every detail using lavender, cistus, and helicrysium. These essential oils are wonderful for stress, sore muscles, and relaxation and will be used in the form of effervescent soaking crystals, a hand scrub, and a creamy hand lotion. The entire body is left feeling rested and the hands like new.

Spa Pedicure: This European style pedicure includes a foot exfoliation and the use of moisturizing creams and serums
to leave your feet perfectly groomed and baby soft.

Can’t wait!

…need a Keva Juice ASAP if I want to even think about staying awake for the rest of the afternoon…

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