Happy Independence Day Eve

The Fourth of July is a national holiday, yes? Yeah, I thought it was one too. But why are businesses still open tomorrow? And why don’t people get into it as much as they do for other holidays? I mean, if there was ever a holiday that ALL Americans can enjoy it’s Independence Day.

I get that some people don’t celebrate Christmas or Easter (not religious), Halloween (too religious), or Valentine’s Day (not in love), but why not this day? Unless you’re not an American I expect every house to have a flag outside. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like who our president is, it’s the principle of supporting our troops; supporting what America stands on, and acknowledging our history.

It’s currently five in the morning for Kenny overseas, and I REALLY hope the government had it in them to splurge and at least gives them a hot dog to eat today, or something. Something.

With that said, I really want to find one of those “Support Our Troops” sticker to put on my car. Maybe I’ll go look for one tomorrow since most places will be open.

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