It's Getting Hot In HERE!

What is with this humidity?

I made the mistake of yelling, “I HATE HUMIDITY” in the bathroom of a club last night and a girl—very proudly, I need to add—reminded me that this is not humidity. That if I wanted to experience humidity I should go to North Carolina, which is where I’m assuming she’s from.

Well, I’m not from North Carolina, or Georgia, or from any other place where humidity is accepted as a form of weather. I’m from Albuquerque where we are known for having dry heat, so when I wake up in the morning and just feel sticky all over, it’s not good. It’s even worse, as I discovered, when you’re in the middle of a club. I don’t think the owner of this nightclub knew about air conditioning (and they weren’t swamp coolers, so it could have been cooler), because two air vents doesn’t really cut it when there are hundreds of bodies dancing together in a space as big as a matchbox car.

I was even there at the very beginning when the club opened and it was hot. If I were the owner I’d make it as cold as a refrigerator. Shoot. As a guest of the club I’d even willingly pay a cover charge to help cover their electric bill if it meant it’d be a little more bearable!

Heat, stickiness, humidity, and sweaty people aside, I had a lot of fun last night. I had to go to Lotus Nightclub for a work function, and my friends ended up coming over. We stayed till just before last call and had a blast!

The night before I went to a baseball game with Natalie, and it really reminded me that I still need my people. Since Kenny left I kinda isolated myself from my friends (that and we’ve had lots of events lately for work), and I want to start hanging out with them more. They’re fun people.

The only thing is that I don’t know if I can do another late night like last night for awhile. I’m an old lady already! Bedtime for me is before eleven.

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