Out with the old; in with the new


So, my three readers may notice a little different look over here. Yup, I was bored with my old layout, so I designed another one. Okay, I didn’t do it ALL myself. The original layout looked like this over at my favorite blogger layout site EVER (just a little plug there). It’s actually where I got my previous layout.

Anyway, I’m not a huge fan of yellow, so although I LOVED the retro chick typing away at her typewriter, the color did nothing for me. So today for about two to three hours I managed to change everything over at Photobucket.

Anywho. That’s basically what I did tonight. That and saw some pretty fireworks across ‘Burque. We managed to find a PERFECT spot over near La Cueva to watch the city lights. Now I’m going to sleep with the sound of fireworks STILL going off – it’s 11 pm, people and it’s time to go to bed!!!

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