Weekend Update

I’m really sad this weekend is over, mostly because it went by extremely fast and I was all too busy. On Saturday I went to a travel-writing workshop and was inspired beyond belief to start making my dream of travel writing a reality. I also decided I’m going to take up photography. Like buy-the-fancy, -expensive-camera-and-learn-how-to-take-print-worthy-photos photography to go along with my articles. I really couldn’t be happier about this! Saturday was also awesome because it took my mind off the crappy night I had on Friday with Kenny, which leads me to Sunday.

SIDENOTE: I got a phone call from Kenny Friday night and it kind of put me over the edge. He didn’t sound like himself AT ALL. Everything was very short and very dry. He said he was just tired, but I have a feeling it was something he couldn’t tell me. Anyway, it just upset me and I spent the night in tears; I cried myself to sleep.

I found a yoga class at one of the gyms I go to, so I decided to suck it up and do it. In short, it was amazing. I really focused on all of the moves and on deepening my breathing; it was as though the stress just melted away. I even found another yoga class that is specifically for relaxation, calming stress, and boosting your immune system, so I can’t wait to take that one too. After yoga, I had a few hours before I had to go bowling.

Yup, bowling. Every year the magazine has a bowling tournament. We’re still a relatively young company though, so we do all the set up. We had to get there two hours early, so I was at a bowling alley from 2 till 8. GAH!!! I only played one game (and kicked EVERYBODY’S butt on my team, by the way!!!!!!) but my knee that I had knee surgery is SO SORE today!!! I’m sure it’s the bowling on it combined with yoga. Actually, I’m quite sore from the yoga, which is exciting because it really wasn’t all that hard!!!

OH! And Kenny found a way to call me again last night. Sure, it was another 15 minutes, but he said he could tell I took our last conversation really hard, so he wanted to talk to me again. It was incredible to hear his voice. Actually, this was the first time I didn’t cry while talking to him. Usually I have tears just flowing down my face, but not this time! It’s still really hard to believe he’s only been gone three weeks, because it seriously feels like three months already.

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